Refer a Property – Earn Up to $2,500!

Have you ever passed by a property and thought, “That house could use some love”? Or do you know someone eager to sell their property quickly? Your local expertise could earn you big rewards with the 1 House Buyers Referral Program!

How It Works

It’s simple: refer a property or a homeowner to us, and if we close the deal, you’ll earn a referral fee up to a maximum of $2,500! No strings attached, no complicated processes; just a straightforward way to make extra income.

Who Can Refer a Property?

Absolutely anyone! You don’t have to be in real estate to participate. Whether you’re a neighbor, friend, family member, or just someone who knows about a distressed property or a homeowner in need of help, you’re welcome to submit a properties information.

The Kind of Properties We're Looking For

We specialize in properties that have room for improvement.

  • Fixer-uppers
  • Inherited Properties and Estates
  • Power of Sale and Foreclosure
  • Abandoned Properties
  • Properties with delinquent taxes
  • House in need of TLC

Why Choose the 1 House Buyers Referral Program?

– No Obligations, No Commitments: This is not a job, it’s an opportunity. Refer as many or as few properties as you like.

– Get Paid How You Want: Get paid quickly once the deal is closed by Cheque, Interact E-Transfer, or Paypal.

– Unlimited Earning Potential: With no cap on the number of properties you can refer, your earning potential is limitless!

Ready to Cash In on Your Knowledge?

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Refer a property today and turn your local knowledge into cash!

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